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Edge 2000 Ltd was founded in 1999. We have been active as a publishing company since 2001.

The central theme of our series as well as our publications is the human being - who strives to explore its environment, who is a solitary yet social being, a rebel or a scientist, who is full of joy and anticipation, a desire to learn, to experience, to prove, the spiritual intellectual - homo sapiens.

Among the authors and editors of our publications, there are many renowned national and international authors, scientists, academics and philosophers. We have also published textbooks, educational booklets, novels and children's books.

Your feedback and opinion is of high value to us, since our publications are not only about you, they are written for you - as one of the many inhabitants of our multicoloured globe. Should you have any comments, observations, requests or questions, we ask you to "grab a pen or pencil" and let us know. We are always delighted to hear from you. 

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Dávid Klein
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